Sweet Left Foot Theatre Co

Sweet Left Foot creates and produces original plays and musical theatre.
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We’ll Meet Again, Lili Marlene
by Oscar Fovarge
A study in popular music of propaganda, ambition and hope kept alive in a world shattered by war and genocide.

The Pygmalion Effect
by Oscar Fovarge
The great-granddaughter of Eliza Doolittle meets a modern Henry Higgins in the form of Leo Pygman (the ‘g’ is silent), an ageing rock and roll manager with a dubious past. He makes a wager that he can transform Eliza from a private school sophisticate with a cut-glass accent into a transgressive star on a mega scale.

The Patient Muse
by Tom Ladislaw
What does it take to save a single soul in the darkest of times? A study in music of the relationship between Clara Haskil, Lily Pastré and the forgotten figures preserving lives while risking their own.

The Theban Weddings
by Tom Ladislaw
Two sisters and a wedding that would make one of them Queen of Thebes. Ismene is the sister who urges caution and is ignored at every turn. Antigone is hailed down the ages for the courage of her convictions as she sacrifices her chances of high status and domestic comfort. Both sisters lose their suitor, Haemon, son of Creon, King of Thebes. But before Ismene disappears into obscurity, she has another offer from an unexpected suitor.