Film and Audio

Red Hawk Media commissions and produces films and audio files for entertainment and education.

Recent productions

For Berling Media (Stockholm) and Gleerups Utbildning (Malmö).
30 audio recordings of short stories and texts.
Featuring: Robert Beddall, Rosy Benjamin, Robert Harper, Ava Lyn Koh, Liam James, Kenneth Jay, Tim Jones, Tapiwa Madovi, Farah Merani, Bhasker Patel, Claire Rickard, Rebecca Travers, Jane Whilans, Anne Wittman
Recorded and engineered by Lawson Dando.

30 Short films
Directed by Adam Howells
Panic Not Mother – Simon Hogart and Emily Monk
Dad, Can I Come Home – Malory Blackman
Dashed Hopes – Simon Hattenstone
Going Steady – Adam Bagdasarian
City of Angels – David Sedaris
The Landlady – Roald Dahl
Red Sari – Amantha Harris
Swinging London – Marian Keyes
A Great Day – Frank Sargesan
Arthur – Jeremy Clarkson
Mollusks – Arthur Bradford
Going Through A Phase – Robert Barnard
I’m Sorry But I’ll Have To Let You Go – Helen Simpson
Homesick – Xialou Guo
Two Per Cent – Nicki Aguirre
My Son The Fanatic – Hanif Kureishi
Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother – Amy Chua
The Greatest Man In The World – James Thurber
The Framing Of John Lennon – Nick Cowan
Discipline – Donald Ray Pollock
The Confessions of a Sport Fanatic – Soumya Bhattacharya
Wheels – Sylvia Pearson
Minus One – J.G. Ballard
The Drover’s Wife – Henry Lawson
In the Beginning Was Vincent – Robert Hughes